Nutrition Coaching
Do you know if your nutrition is on track? Check out some examples of nutrition services that I can provide for you. If you would like more information, please contact me . All enquiries are obligation-free. 
Cycling Nutrition Review
So you've been doing a fair bit of cycling training but you feel like you are lacking in energy or keep getting hungry during rides? Or maybe you're doing long rides and don't know what you should be eating before, during or after?

This nutrition review will point you in the right direction by making sure you are getting your nutrition right to prepare for rides, fuel yourself during the ride, and recover afterwards.

What I'll need from you:
- what isn't working for you, food-wise? 
- what would you typically eat and drink (how much and what) - before, during and within an hour after a ride? 
- what is the longest ride that you'd normally do?

What I'll do:
- meet with you to find out about your nutrition and what you want to get out of the review
- review your intake compared to nutritional guidelines for the length of rides that you do

What you'll get:
- how your current intake compares to guidelines
- recommendations for where you can improve, and the possible benefits
- practical tips and options for how to improve your cycling-related nutrition 
- a recipe to try 

Total cost only $100.
Nutrition Coaching
So you know that your excess weight is holding you back from achieving your training objectives, but you're not sure where your diet can be improved? Or maybe you've tried a few different things and you need some new ideas or support to make a lasting change?

Nutrition coaching involves working with you to review your whole diet to see where improvements can be made, and supporting you to take action. 
What I'll need from you:
- what would you typically eat and drink before, during and after a ride? 
- what is a typical day's intake on a weekday? 
- what is a typical day's intake on a weekend? 

What I'll do:
- meet with you to discuss your typical dietary intake
- review how your dietary intake compares to nutritional guidelines
- establish your current baseline 
- work with you to develop some realistic actions to improve your eating 
- support you to implement the actions and troubleshoot any issues 

What you'll get:
- information about how your diet compares to nutritional guidelines 
- specific, realistic actions to take, starting with areas you feel need the most attention
- support, including information, ideas, sounding board, progress checks

Ongoing support:
- arrange to meet regularly
- available for questions in between meetings 
- review progress
- develop new action plans 
- address challenges and roadblocks 

First month $100, then ongoing $50 / month.